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Truss Frame Floating Docks

Truss frame (or heavy duty) floating docks provide the best solution in demanding locations.  Our frame docks are perfect for sites with changing water levels.  They are also best in areas with a lot of wake or water movement.  The system is comprised of our standard 4” deck module fastened to an aluminum structural box frame.  The frame is subsequently attached to environmentally safe polyethylene dock floats.  Aluminum decking in a color of your choosing provides a safe, non-slip surface.  The deck surface maintains an ambient temperature so it is comfortable to walk on.  Additional features of the decking include grooves so that water does not pool causing a slip hazard. Metal Craft uses stainless steel fasteners to secure all of our products.

Frame dock hardware varies by location.  All systems require some type of dock pile holders and pipe or pilings.  Other hardware options include a series of locked connections or hinge connections.  Custom parts include pockets for piles, piling rollers, pile hoops – all of these can made right in our shop without the custom price tag.  All of our hardware is made from aluminum and uses stainless fasteners.  Heavy Duty Floating systems have been used on Lake Cumberland, Kentucky since the early 1970’s.  We recommend them for use in marinas within a protected area.  Due to the degree of customization involved in configuring a truss frame dock system, we strongly recommend working with an experienced Metal Craft Docks Dealer to develop a solution complete with accessories to best fit your needs.

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